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"I loved the rustic hand-built shape and the sheen of the black, burnished clay. I found out they were made in Colombia in a way that dates back 700 years." 

"My clay soup pot, handmade in Colombia, is a reminder of cooking's humble roots. It also happens to make the best baked beans, rice, and braises on the planet." --Andrew Knowlton, Restaurant and Drinks Editor

"The amazing thing about this charming Colombian cookware is that you can use it anywhere--on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, even in the microwave."—Anya Hoffman, Senior Editor of Epicurious

“Chefs and restaurants really like using this cookware because not only does it perform, but it goes from the oven to the table really easily and it looks great, whether it’s just for presentation or if it’s for something more authentic,” he says. 

"My kitchen is typical New York-size, or simply put—small. Because of the limited space, a nice look is always a big bonus for any new pots, pans or appliances, as they will most likely end up as a visible part of the room, sitting on a counter-top or the stove. With this in mind, I was happy to find La Chamba’s selection of beautiful clay dishes. Their rustic clay casserole is a new favorite in my kitchen, and the charming design makes a nice addition to my the stove-top even when not in use."

"We love the organic, hand-crafted shape, and the beauty of the soft black color (after all, black is the new white, on the table!) and also the natural properties of clay. See, clay is much more porous than metal, so when you cook in unglazed clay cookware, heat and moisture circulate better, and the fired clay imparts a smoky flavor to the food."

Author Paula Wolfert on clay-pot cooking: “I have lost count of the hundreds of clay pots that I own. I love their earthiness and their simplicity.”