Since 1996, Chamba Imports has been the nation's primary importer of handcrafted La Chamba black clay cooking vessels from Colombia.

From its desert roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico to its current home in Half Moon Bay, California, Chamba Imports and its owner Charles Nelson have been dedicated to providing superior clay cookware to restaurateurs, kitchen stores, and home chefs worldwide. We have established a strong connection and client base in the culinary industry, and continued to grow as health-conscious cooking became a mainstay in kitchens around the world.

Clay cookware is non-toxic and adds flavor and moisture to what it's cooking. As the conversation around toxic materials in cookware grew, so did the interest in natural, earthenware vessels.



Owner Charles Nelson is currently the proprietor of Toque Blanche, a premier kitchen store featuring the best made brands in the business located in Santa Cruz, California. Named a culture curator and 2020 All-Star by Gourmet Insider, Charles says of his kitchen store, "I love the quality of the things that we sell; the forged knives and the heirloom-style cookware." Each brand has a story, a rich history, and represents an international approach to cuisine. “I love getting our French ceramics; our pottery that we get from Colombia; the knives that we have from Germany and Japan."

Chamba cookware was first sold in the Latin-themed art gallery, Nuestra Tierra, owned in part by Charles. While it was not your typical piece of gallery art, folks went wild for the artistic, functional pieces of cookware from La Chamba, Colombia. Made in family homes dotting the Colombian countryside, these handcrafted clay pots were soon imported to supply a growing industry of chefs cooking international cuisine and authentic cultural dishes.

Chamba Imports works directly with families that have made La Chamba clay pots for generations to offer heirloom-quality cookware for wholesale and retail purchase. We are committed to providing exceptional products and a positive client experience.

If you have any questions about La Chamba cookware, wholesale orders, or recipes, please email nelson@chambaimports.com.


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